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Like most Angelinos, I’m not a native.  Years ago I moved here for college where I went to film school, and sustained a brief career in the film industry.  I ended up leaving the industry in favor of graduate school because I found myself more interested in watching people interact than watching what I was doing on set!  I studied Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University, and got my Masters with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  My internships were at the Southern California Counseling Center, and at the Los Angeles Free Clinic (now the Saban Free Clinic), where I was later staffed as the Lead Clinician at the new Children and Family Health Center.

Ten years ago, I began my private practice as an intern under the license of my friend and mentor, Dr. Deborah Peters.  With her wisdom and guidance, I was able to establish it as my own after my licensure.  Through my work and training, I discovered that I have a passion for working with the self-harm population.  I have focused most of my out-of-the-office energies on attending workshops, reading research, writing articles, and giving presentations on the best forms of treatment for these individuals, and have tailored my practice to accommodate this specialty.  I don’t limit my practice, however, to only self-injurers.  I have been lucky to work with clients from all walks of life, and I am honored to say that my work with them is just as fulfilling as my work with my specialization.  Through them, I have become experienced in working with trauma, sexual abuse, gender identity issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, bipolar disorder, couples issues, and other areas of difficulty.

I am an active member of my professional organizations, and currently sit on the Board of Directors of the California Division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  As I mentioned on my home page, I recently launched the Kahn Institute for Self-Injury where I focus most of my energies.  I'm adjunct faculty at Antioch University and California State University Northridge, where I teach graduate students how to work with families in therapy. When I’m not thinking about psychology, I’m cooking, running, dancing, or writing, and somewhere in there, I even sleep.

What is self-harm?

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