Self-Harm Test

Have you ever hurt your body on purpose by cutting, burning, scratching, skin-picking, scab-picking, hitting, slapping, hair-pulling, banging, bone-breaking, strangling, or bruising yourself?

  • Did you feel better about something right after it happened?
  • Did you do it again because it worked the first time?
  • Do you do it more than once in a while?
  • Do you try to hide your scars from other people by wearing long sleeves/long pants, or by doing it on parts of your body that are easily covered up by clothing?
  • Do you lie about your scars if someone notices them?
  • Do you always keep a blade, lighter, or other weapon nearby in case you need it?
  • Does it make you feel better when you see your own blood?
  • Do you sometimes think about killing yourself?
  • Have you ever had problems with your eating habits?
  • Have you ever had problems with drugs or alcohol?

If you answered “yes” to more than three (3) questions, you might be engaging in self-injury. It's time to call a therapist.

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